Partnership between the Energy Efficiency Department and the professional association SAMER


Leadership of SAMER – the professional association of energy managers and energy auditors in Romania, met on Thursday, June 11, at the Ministry of Economy, Energy and Business Environment (MEEMA), with representatives of the Energy Department, under the coordination of Secretary of State Niculae Havrileț. According to SAMER, the meeting focused on the joint initiatives of the Energy Efficiency Directorate, led by Daniela Barbu, and the Romanian Society of Energy Auditors and Managers, led by President Andrei Ceclan.

In order to develop a strong professional body of energy auditors and energy managers, they agreed to build an interactive platform for communication and centralization of market monitoring data. The meeting have also confirmed the willingness of the parties to do their best for a capital infusion in the field of energy efficiency, by setting up the National Efficiency Investment Fund and by managing European funding mechanisms.

“It was agreed that DEE-MEEMA representatives should have working meetings with SAMER representatives,” said Andrei Ceclan, in a press release, “so as to continue and intensify a strong communication and partnership in the interest of the community of specialists in energy efficiency, for the significant progress of this energy efficiency in industry and in local communities”.


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