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Oradea has partners for harnessing geothermal energy

8 July 2021

Oradea City Hall has under evaluation the only offer submitted for the capitalization of geothermal energy in association with heat pumps in the Nufărul I neighborhood, announces Transilvania Business.

The association formed by Elsaco Electronic SRL – association leader and Energomontaj SA – associate, having as third parties and subcontractors SC Daflog SRL and Petrostar SA, proposed a project of 78.28 million lei without VAT. Execution time is 60 months for design and execution.

“After two administratively canceled procedures due to lack of bids, we finally have a bidder for the design and execution of works on this important project, whose direct beneficiaries will be the approximately 13,625 inhabitants of Nufărul I, respectively 6,217 apartments, public institutions and agents economic that have commercial spaces on the ground floor of the blocks of flats in the neighborhood “, said the mayor Florin Birta.

The aim of the project is to increase the use of local geothermal renewable energy resources for the preparation of heating and hot water and as well as the realization of new thermal energy production capacities in the central heating system SACET Oradea, with geothermal energy from deep drilling from the Nufărul neighborhood. The novelty element of the feasibility study is given by the use of heat pumps, which allow the recovery of additional heat from geothermal water.

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