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One United and Veolia, partnership for a 6.7 mln. euro investment in thermal system efficiency

21 June 2023
Bogdan Tudorache

One United Properties, the leading green investor and developer of residential, mixed-use, and office real estate in Romania, continues the partnership with Veolia România Soluții Integrate (VRSI), a company member of Veolia Romania, with an agreement to implement innovative energy solutions for two other developments in its portfolio: One Lake Club and One High District.

The value of the investment amounts to 6.7 million euro. This agreement is included in the partnership that the two companies announced last year, which entails that VRSI will invest capital in implementing energy efficiency solutions at One United Properties’ developments.

“We continue to develop the city in a responsible way and integrate the latest solutions in terms of sustainability and energy efficiency for the buildings in our portfolio. The partnership with Veolia România Soluții Integrate allows us to implement solutions that will further improve the sustainability parameters related to One United Properties’ residential developments, in our effort to build green and feasible communities, with renewable energy for all the inhabitants. In recent years we have noticed an increasing interest of end consumers in safe and sustainable developments, and a higher awareness of the energy efficiency importance, therefore we aim to continue investing in geoexchange systems for all our residential developments that allow such implementations,” said Andrei Diaconescu, co-CEO of One United Properties.

“We are more than pleased to extend the sustainable strategic partnership with One United Properties by designing and implementing one of the most innovative heating systems for residential parks: a geo-exchange heating and cooling solution. As a champion of ecological transformation is our job and responsibility to provide the appropriate solutions for our clients’ decarbonization and energy efficiency. In fact, the improvement of our environmental footprint and that of our customers is central to our business and its economic model. The investments allocated for implementing these green heating and cooling solutions are EUR 3.1 million for One Lake Club and EUR 3.6 million for One High District,” added Mădălin Mihailovici, CEO of Veolia Romania.

Geoexchange solution does not emit carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, or other greenhouse gases that contribute to air pollution. In addition, since the geoexchange systems do not burn significant amounts of fuel such as gas, oil, propane, or coal, they operate at a lower cost and are much cleaner. Consequently, the costs for heating and cooling with geoexchange solution are lower than traditional solution and it will be predictable and long-term consumption autonomy. By implementing geoexchange solution compared with the traditional one, approximately 2,000 tons of CO2 emissions a year will be avoided, which represents the equivalent of 2,000 cars/year, considering that one new car emits approx. 100 g CO2/km and it runs 10,000 km/year. Geoexchange system is among the most energy-efficient solutions, environmentally clean, and cost-effective space conditioning systems available. Such solutions have already been implemented at One Peninsula and will also be implemented soon at One Lake District, as part of the agreement between One United Properties and Veolia.

One Lake Club is an exclusive residential development, which offers a unique real estate concept on the current Bucharest market: 7 towers located right on the shore of Lake Tei (5 towers of 16 floors and two towers of 8 floors), which will offer future residents spectacular views, reshaping the urban lifestyle close to nature. One Lake Club will comprise a total of more than 700 apartments.

One High District is a large-scale premium development with a gross building area of approximately 92,000 sqm aboveground and 16,000 sqm underground. It is a community-based real estate concept, offering residents more than just a living space. The development totals 786 apartments spread over three towers with 20 floors.

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