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One more step towards a unique regional electricity market

18 July 2013

The Romanian State-Owned Transelectrica (the owner of electricity infrastructure in Romania) signed a Memorandum of Understanding regarding the cooperation for accession into the integrated electricity spot markets from Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Romania. The document has as declared purpose the development of a five-sided market coupling, titled 5 Market Market Coupling, respectively the creation of a coupled-mode spot market, as part of the unique European internal market.
The coupling of electricity national markets based on a target model (Unique coupling through price used for electric power transactions on the spot market and the implicit allocation of trans-border transport capacity) will lead to a harmonized approach of market organization. Beside all this, in the press release sent to the Bucharest Stock Exchange, Transelectrica indicated several advantages that Romania will be able to obtain if such a project is completed: a more efficient use of trans-border transport capacities, an increase in competition, wholesale prices for electric power more stable and more convergent, and a high market liquidity. The project will be developed in compliance with the European targets and the future EU legislation, keeping in mind the opinions and requests made by all the market participants.

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