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Nuclearelectrica launches the first stage of the 2023 CSR project Nucleus of Care

3 March 2023

Nuclearelectrica SA launches the first stage of the 2023 CSR and community involvement project selection – “Nucleus of Care”, as part of the company’s social responsibility platform. The budget allocated to the first stage is 2 million lei. The competition is open to projects that are part of the following strategic areas for the company: education, health and environmental protection, with priority to projects in the areas where the company operates.

In 2022, Nuclearelectrica was involved in projects for the benefit of communities through the Nucleus of Care platform, sponsoring 60 projects, with a total committed budget of 10.58 million lei, positively impacting approximately 15 million Romanians. In 2023, Nuclearelectrica will expand its positive impact in society, respecting the strategic direction – “Empathy and Responsibility” and will continue to invest in communities.

Currently, Nuclearelectrica has a strategic role at national level, with 2 production units, operating at the highest safety and productivity standards, for over 26 years, contributing with

– approximately 20% of the total national energy needs, which means approx. 33% of the total clean, CO2-free energy production in Romania;

– 205 million tonnes of CO2 avoided since commissioning, 10 million tonnes of CO2 avoided annually;

– Over 2450 jobs directly secured and over 11000 jobs generated by the nuclear industry;

– 5,7 billion EURO contribution to GDP at industry level, which could ensure the operation of all hospitals in Romania for 1 year at excellence standards;

After the completion of strategic projects (Unit 1 RFefurbishment, Units 3 and 4, development of small modular reactors), this contribution will increase significantly, supporting the national energy system to achieve stability and energy security through clean energy:

– 36% clean energy in total national production, which could represent 66% of the clean energy produced nationally

– more than 20,000 jobs.

– over 24 million tonnes of CO2 avoided annually

The social responsibility platform “Nucleus of Care”, launched in 2022 by Nuclearelectrica follows the strategic directions and vision of the company to build a sustainable future for the next generation, through the production of clean energy at excellent standards and the socio-economic impact that Nuclearelectrica has in Romania.

“We are committed to contributing to our country’s energy security by delivering clean, baseload, stable and affordable energy. The Nucleus of Care platform continues our mission to generate clean energy at standards of excellence and social responsibility to build a sustainable future for tomorrow’s generation. We invest annually over 10 million lei that positively impact over 10 million Romanians – renovated and equipped schools, high performance educational laboratories, vocational and career counseling projects, scholarships, medical equipment, renovations of hospitals and polyclinics, centers for children and vulnerable people, are just some of the projects in which we are involved, not only financially, but through volunteering,” said Cosmin Ghita, Director General, Nuclearelectrica.

“Nuclearelectrica plays an essential role at national level through the major investment projects it is undertaking, which will significantly increase the company’s positive impact in Romania and at regional level, through the team working to the highest standards of professional excellence, nuclear safety and security, care for employees, responsibility towards the environment and empathy towards communities in need of support. The Nucleus of Care Platform is the interface through which we support a significant number of projects and communities in need of support and we are happy to make our contribution to a sustainable future,” added Ludmila Tones, Director Communications, Sustainability and Investor Relations, Nuclearelectrica.

In order to give the opportunity to as many beneficiaries as possible to register their projects in the “Nucleus of Care”, the sponsorship campaign will run in 3 stages, as follows:

– Phase I: 2 March 2023-30 March 2023

– Phase II: 1 June 2023-30 June 2023

– Stage III: 1 September 2023-30 September 2023.

Non-profit organisations and institutions may apply for the project competition, in accordance with the applicable legislation and the rules for participation and sponsorship, which can be found on the company’s website.

The “Nucleus of Care” platform targets projects and beneficiaries whose funding needs are in the medical, educational and environmental fields, with priority to projects in the areas where the company operates. Projects registered according to the forms provided by the campaign rules will be selected and approved according to the beneficial impact they can bring in high-risk areas or within at-risk groups to solve major social problems.

– In the field of education, the Nucleus of Care platform targets projects that contribute to the creation or development of the educational environment through specific actions to renovate and equip schools, both with specialized laboratories (physics, chemistry, computer science, robotics, etc.) and from the perspective of e-learning, which requires the possession of tablets, laptops and other equipment for laboratories and properly equipped and modern rooms for e-learning, which disadvantaged groups of the public can not afford. It will also support educational projects for mentoring, career development, access to quality education, scholarships, etc.

– For the medical field, the Nucleus of Care platform targets projects that increase access to high quality and high-performance medical services through the provision of medical equipment, services, actions or other activities related to this field. In this respect, both hospitals in Romania and associations and organizations that manage and implement such projects for the benefit of medical institutions can apply.

– For environmental protection, considering that Nuclearelectrica is a producer of clean energy, without greenhouse gas emissions, the Nucleus of Care platform aims at environmental projects that can emphasize the essential role the company plays in climate change management through actions such as afforestation/reforestation, actions to create green spaces in the communities where Nuclearelectrica operates, actions to support environmental/mountain organizations, etc.

The sponsorship budget of 2 million lei will be allocated to the projects selected following the selection procedure, based on Nuclearelectrica’s rules for participation and evaluation of sponsorships.

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