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New technology from AIKO’s ABC Modules is now available in Romania too

20 February 2024

AIKO SOLAR monocrystalline photovoltaic panels with state-of-the-art N-TYPE cells, are available in Romania through Nectaria Solar. and ADC Sustainable Power. Based on the collaboration agreed upon last December, the offer includes not only distribution to corporate customers, but also to individuals and businesses who want to adopt green energy and reduce their carbon footprint.

The ABC cell technology is independently developed by AIKO with completely independent intellectual property rights. The most outstanding feature of ABC cell is that it greatly improves the conversion efficiency by placing emitter/base both on the back side of the cell without grid lines on the front side based on its back contact design. In the whole PV market of the M10 specification, AIKO is the first manufacturer whose modules can be mass-produced with a deliverable efficiency exceeding 24%, which can better meet the demand for high conversion efficiency in the distributed PV market.

Certified by the third-party authoritative certification organization TÜV SÜD, the highest efficiency of ABC 72-cell Single-Glass Module (specification of M10) reaches 24.27% with the delivery efficiency up to 24.0%.

The five core technologies of high efficiency ABC module include (1) full area illuminated and all c-Si atoms electricity-producible technology. The front of the cell is full black with no electrode gridlines, hence, thanks to its back-junction back contact structure, ensuring it receives 100% of sunlight.

For the front side electrode width of traditional cell products, there is a contradiction between resistance and shading, resulting in the electrode being unable to effectively transmit current. (2) All-back electrode design is adopted for ABC cell to break through the resistance/shading contradiction, leaving the front clear of all electrode gridlines. Through the self-owned patent design, heating loss of electrode resistance is reduced by 60%. (3) ABC cell owns an all-back contact technology with patent, which put emitter/base both on the back side of ABC cell. Compared to the traditional cell structure, the surface recombination is reduced by 87%, the open-circuit voltage exceeds 746mV, resulting in excellent temperature 5 coefficient performance. (4) For traditional cell products, Silver (Ag) is used at least on the front side, due to the fact that the tensile force per unit area of non-Ag metallization is not good (in terms of reliability), and the front side metal area is in contradiction with shading. The patented Ag-free technology is adopted for ABC cell design, with 0% Ag content involved in cell process and all metals used to be low-cost metals. In addition, excellent acid corrosion resistance is shown with the average degradation of acetic acid soaking of ABC cells being less than 0.25%, and that of Ag paste products being more than 1.5%.

Finally, AIKO’s layout over the vertically integrated industrial chain ensures strict control for quality control and supply continuity of the whole process by driving innovation on technological processes, machinery, and products. Furthermore, AIKO provides raw material traceability and company with ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) requirements.

AIKO officially launched the ABC cell in June 2021 and the ABC module in 2022. In 2024, AIKO Solar announced a strategic cooperation agreement with Tianjin Energy Group, a state-owned energy enterprise based in North China. As part of the collaboration, Tianjin Energy has committed to purchasing up to 2.5 GW of AIKO Solar’s ABC module products. AIKO’s modules were also featured this February at the Spanish trade show GENERA, in Madrid.

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