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New Euro 7 emissions rules come into force from 2026

16 April 2024

The new Euro 7 emissions rules are due to be published this week in the European Gazette and will come into effect in stages starting in 2026.

Euro 7 rules cover engine emissions, all vehicles and, for the first time, emissions or particulates from braking, and here we have particulates from tires or brake pads, according to the RRA.

Also for the first time, the act also includes conditions covering the lifetime of all vehicles, including the batteries of electric ones.

The first category is that of cars and vans, for which the regulation keeps the same emission values as in Euro 6, but introduces stricter requirements for solid particles.

For buses and heavy trucks, the regulation imposes stricter limit values for various pollutants, including some that have not been regulated to date, such as nitrous oxide.

New types of cars and vans, as well as all components or trailers that will be fitted to them, must comply with the regulations in 30 months, i.e. from October 2026.

But if we are talking about the production of old models, these vehicles must be adapted and comply with the rules.

A year later, for new types of heavy vehicles, namely buses, trucks and their trailers, the application deadline is April 2028, but for models already in production, these units must be modified for the purposes of the regulation by April 2029 .

However, the regulation does not apply to certain so-called vocational vehicles, such as agricultural vehicles, ambulances or military vehicles.



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