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Nagy, ANRE: PE elections delay clarifying green energy tariffs

12 May 2014

Elections to the European Parliament (EP) delay the approval by the European Commission of the green energy tariffs for small-scale producers of renewable energy, says Zoltan Nagy- Bege, a member of the Regulatory Committee of the National Regulatory Authority for Energy (ANRE). Romania sent to the documentation for the approval of these rates a year ago, but has not yet received the green light.

The government intends to offer regulated prices (feed-in tariffs) to small producers of renewable energy production units with installed capacity of less than one MW. Nagy- Bege said his personal opinion is that this rate approval is slowed by the EP election campaign.

Through the feed- in tariff, green energy small producers are guaranteed long-term contracts so they will not have problems with the sale of energy produced. Instead , they will receive the ANRE regulated prices, but lower than the price of green certificates.

Companies that produce green energy and production units with capacities of less than one MW will have to choose between green certificates and feed-in tariffs .

The purpose of this system is to encourage renewable energy production.

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