Naftogaz claims that the Republic of Moldova refuses to support the plan to reduce Europe’s dependence on Russia


Republic of Moldova refuses to support Ukrainian plan to block Russian gas transit, Naftogaz Ukraine spokeswoman Alena Osmolovskaia said.

“What is happening now resembles a conscious sabotage that creates the image of an ‘frozen Moldova’ that will be broadcast in European countries on Russia Today channels, which will allow the Russians to obtain an additional instrument of pressure on both Europeans, as well as on the Ukrainian side,” Osmolovskaia said, according to the site

Naftogaz spokeswoman also added that Ukraine is preparing reserves of 20 billion cubic meters of gas. Ukraine’s gas reserves already exceed the country’s winter requirement by 50%, writes PolitNavigator.

Naftogaz proposed Moldova to buy gas from these reserves, to shorten the Russian transit to Europe.


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