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More than just a news site: the chance of a community

4 August 2013

No shortage of news these days. Leaving apart politics, sports, and showbiz, we still have dozens of economic news each week, with high potential impact on our everyday jobs. There are drafts for new laws and new explanations for old texts; there are long-term plans and strategies, and there are changes imposed from Brussels or simply by the dynamics of the global energy markets. Big industrial companies are rethinking their consumption schemes and large producers choose Romania for exploration and production. Finally, there are dozens of small and medium sized companies who are looking for a way to make a dime, are looking for new partners and new opportunities.

There is information. More than enough, some might say. What there is not is a way to order this influx of information so that it becomes really useful.

And here comes

NEWS. A communication channel for you to read the most important news in Energy, and more.

OPINIONS. An online platform where experts have their own space to speak up, as well as a real chance to make their opinions heard.

EVENTS. A single source for you to find out where and when the next Energy conference occurs, and what opinions were exchanged when you chose to skip.

JOBS. A dedicated space where Energy companies and professionals will meet to start new collaborations with benefits for each side.

PROFILES. A catalogue to give you free access to a real Who’s Who directory in Energy; large and small companies, authorities, associations and professionals are now just a few clicks away.

This is a new start for us – individuals with large experience in media, marketing and Energy industry. This is a project that aims to boost even the yet unexpressed expectations from the Romanian Energy community members. An ambitious idea which counts on your contribution – when your expertise, information, or inspiration might put you in the position to give our team a helping hand.
You are welcome to visit, subscribe to our newsletter and email us – [email protected] – anytime you have a comment or an idea. You are kindly invited to tell us what you are interested in and what is the company, the person or the project you want to analyse in depth.

We are here to facilitate building a community for the specialists in the field of Energy.

Our mission will be fully completed when will be the first choice for information on energy, and also the place where leaders, decision makers, experts and aspirants enter into free and open dialogue to shape their personal goals and to give voice to interests of the Romanian Energy industry.

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