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More than 450 Romanians received a chance to life from E.ON employees

19 November 2023
General Interest

More than 450 people received a life chance with the help of blood donated by 150 employees of the E.ON Group. This is the balance sheet of the two blood donation campaigns carried out this year at the E.ON headquarters in Târgu Mureş, in collaboration with the Mureş Blood Transfusion Center. The first of the actions took place on Blood Donor Day, on June 14, and the second, this week, on November 14.

The mobilization was exemplary, half of the specialists of the transfusion center being involved in these actions. In turn, in addition to E.ON employees from Târgu Mureş, their colleagues from Reghin, Sovata, Ungheni, Luduş and Târnăveni also came to donate blood.

“Given that the number of donors at our center has decreased a lot, the campaigns at the E.ON headquarters are a breath of fresh air for us and we can help patients in critical situations. Our urge is for every person who is healthy to overcome their fear and donate. There is always someone who needs blood”, says Marinela Lazăr, psychologist at the Mureș Blood Transfusion Center.

“15 years ago, three trainee engineers from the company suffered a serious traffic accident and blood was urgently needed then. It was the first time I donated and since then I’ve been doing it constantly, either at the transfusion center or here at our headquarters, and I’m glad that I can help some people in pain”, says Florin Negruşa, representative of the Delgaz Grid company .

“I’ve been donating blood since I was in high school, it was an impulse I had then, together with my brother, thinking that we could be lifesavers. I participated in all the blood donation campaigns in Târgu Mureş and I will continue to do so from now on,” says Octavia Ciumbrudean, E.ON Romania.

The need for blood is a permanent one. Statistics say that at least once in a lifetime, 70 out of 100 people need blood. At the same time, only 2% of Romanians donate, which means that there is often a shortage of blood in hospitals and valuable time is lost for treating babies, victims of road accidents, cancer patients or those who they need surgery.

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