Moldova’s state-owned supplier requires a 10% increase in electricity tariffs


Electricity supply company Nord SA (FEE-Nord) requested to increase electricity tariffs for 2019. The state-owned company supplies energy to about half a million consumers in the districts of northern part of the Moldova Republic, according to

According to the application submitted to the National Agency for Energy Regulation (ANRE) in Moldova, tariffs would increase by about 10%. Thus, for large consumers the growth would be of 11.4% and for the households, of 9.4%.

At the same time, FEE Nord calls for a 15-16% increase in final prices for electricity supplied at entry or exit points in transport networks. The State-controlled company argues its request to raise tariffs in particular through the financial losses of about 110 million lei accumulated in the years 2017-2018.

In June 2018, ANRE in Moldova raised its energy supply tariffs by 10% for households, while those for large consumers were decreased by 9.7%, according to


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