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MIPE is negotiating the PNRR funding scheme in Brussels this week

13 April 2021

Bogdan Tudorache

The Ministry of European Investments and Projects (MIPE) sent to the European Commission all the extended components of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) and the relevant minister Cristian Ghinea will have “applied discussions” in Brussels between April 12-16, according to a statement of MIPE.

Some submitted components have been sent in the first instance, and other components have been modified two or three times, including the European Commission’s comments on previous versions.

“All countries that have submitted plans to the public so far have submitted the general directions or summaries of the components. The summaries of PNRR components adopted by the Government are the working basis for the extended components – technical documents, in the format of the European Commission, which include each dozens of pages of documentation, investment detailing, progress milestones, environmental impact estimates, detailed costs and classification of investments according to the degree of contribution to the green transition and the digital transition,” according to MIPE.

“I thank the entire MIPE team and the extended team from the ministries for their involvement, it’s a huge amount of work, of over 1.000 pages, with many arguments and technical details. (…) I said at the parliamentary debate 2 months ago that after the stage of expressing wishes follows a cold shower: now we must have clear costs, detailed environmental assessments, detailed targets and milestones. It is not an easy exercise. We have three more weeks of intense work,” said the Minister of Investments and Projects European, Cristian Ghinea.

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