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Ministry of Energy wants to expedite the EC Oltenia projects

18 August 2023

Ministry of Energy announced that it will set up a working group for CE Oltenia, in order to identify solutions and collect data with the help of which the restructuring plan and the implementation calendar of the measures necessary for the modernization of the company will be designed.

According to a post of the institution on the Facebook page, the first working session is scheduled for next week.

“We don’t just need a dressing, we need the reinvention of this traditional company. I saw on the spot the working conditions, but also the potential CEO: true professionals, hardworking people, with love for Romania. Politics has nothing to do with this project. It takes everyone to succeed together,” stated the Minister of Energy, Sebastian Burduja.

At the same time, Sebastian Burduja announces the launch of a set of solutions for unlocking investments in hydropower plants, which he is working on together with a group of legal experts. Hydropower plants in an advanced stage of completion (more than 90%) are targeted and for which all real environmental standards will be respected, without jeopardizing Romania’s energy security, the Facebook post also states.

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