Ministry of Energy has completed a memorandum for the social protection of miners


Ministry of Energy has finalized a memorandum for the social protection of mining employees, announced on Wednesday minister Virgil Popescu.

“I want to offer good news to the miners, today I finished a memorandum by which we build a social protection package for absolutely all those who work in the area of mineral energy resources, in the area related to electricity production: social protection will go to those who work underground at the Hunedoara Energy Complex, those who work at the Mintia Thermal Power Plant and those at Paroseni, if necessary,” Popescu said.

”We are talking about the same social protection for those who work at the Oltenia Energy Complex, where there are surface lignite quarries. The memorandum obviously also includes a social protection package for the miners from the Crucea mine, which will be closed because it has no more ore,” the minister added, according to Agerpres.

According to him, the Ministry of Energy, Nuclearelectrica and the current management of the National Uranium Company are undergoing sustained efforts so that, following the closure of the Crucea mine and the opening of the Tulgheş-Grinţieş uranium mine, Romania will continue to ensure the integrated nuclear circuit.


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