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Lektri.Co: Romania reaches 40,000 EVs, 60% surge at 11 months

19 December 2023

In the first 11 months of this year, over 15,300 new non-polluting vehicles were registered in Romania, according to Lektri.Co. According to the company’s analysis, in November, Romania reached the threshold of 40,000 electric vehicles, which represents an increase of approx. 60% compared to the results recorded at the end of 2022.

According to centralized data, over 1,300 electric vehicles were registered in November alone, of which 67 LCVs. In the top 3 of the most registered models is the Hyundai Kona, with a number of 71 units, which is placed on the last step of the podium and surpasses the Tesla Model 3. On the first two steps of the podium, the same two established models are found, the Dacia Spring and Tesla Model Y with 569 and 144 registered units respectively.

Likewise, the high-end segment, where Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche models are centralized, registered 133 new registrations in November, the most popular premium brand being Mercedes-Benz, with 56 units registered.

“2023 was a very good year for electric mobility in Romania, and this can also be seen in the numbers. We ended 2022 with 25,000 electric vehicles and this year we almost managed to double that number. Romania’s significant progress in this regard underlines the increased desire of Romanians to adopt green technology. With over 1,300 electric vehicles registered in November alone, we are seeing an accelerated shift towards the sustainable future of transport,” said Claudiu Suma, CEO of Lektri.Co.

The general ranking of electric cars in Romania is still led by Dacia Spring, with a total of 16,263 registered units, followed by Renault ZOE and Tesla Model Y, with 2,325 and 2,279 registered cars, respectively. According to LEKTRI.CO’s analysis, the Renault ZOE could leave the podium in the next period due to the two models, Tesla Model Y and Model 3, which are less than 100 units away from the 2nd place.

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