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ENGIE Romania begins the construction of a 37 MW PV park

19 December 2023
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ENGIE Romania announces the investment decision and the start of works for the construction of a photovoltaic park with a total capacity of 37.2 MWp, in Ariceștii Rahtivani commune, in Prahova county. The new photovoltaic park represents the company’s fourth greenfield project.

The photovoltaic park from Ariceștii Rahtivani will be built on an area of 57 hectares and is planned to become operational in 2024. The amount of green energy produced is estimated at approximately 57 GWh/year, representing the annual consumption of over 31,000 families. Each kWh produced by the new photovoltaic plant will annually reduce the level of CO2 in the atmosphere by 5,056 tons, and during its entire lifetime, approximately 177,000 tons of CO2 will be avoided.

The photovoltaic park from Ariceștii Rahtivani is the second greenfield type construction started this year, a few months ago the construction of a photovoltaic park was announced at Gemenele, in Brăila county, with an installed capacity of 9.3 MWp. Upon completion of this construction site, at Gemenele, the already existing photovoltaic and wind farm will become one of the first hybrid plants from renewable sources in Romania.

In addition, the ENGIE Romania Group owns 4 other photovoltaic parks, with a total installed capacity of 24 MW, in the counties of Arad, Buzău, Harghita and Teleorman, and 2 wind farms, with a capacity of 98 MW, in the counties of Brăila and Galați.

“The start of work on the photovoltaic park in Ariceștii Rahtivani supports the ambition of the ENGIE Romania group to accelerate the development of renewable energy production, thus contributing to the achievement of the objectives that our group has assumed to accelerate the energy transition. The development of greenfield projects, in parallel with the acceleration of the acquisition strategy of renewable production capacities, ensures that we achieve the assumed objectives of having 1000 MW by 2030,” said Cristian Buzan, Deputy General Director of ENGIE Romania.

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