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It`s official: Government decreases biofuel quota for gas and offers producers new delays

7 January 2014
General Interest
Bogdan Tudorache

Share of biofuel in gasoline decreased from  January 1, 2014 to 4.5% from 5%, while diesel remains at 5% , says a Government Decision on reducing the share of biofuels in petrol, published Monday, January 6 in Official Gazette. Also, it was postponed the scheduled biofuel quota increase.
Initially an increase was planned for 2014 of the share of biofuels to 6% from 5%, now delayed. Under the new calendar, diesel will have a minimum biofuel content of 6.5% by volume in 2016, while gasoline will contain a minimum of 8% in 2018.
Reaching the 6% was originally planned for 2014 after another year of delay: in 2011 , the Government decided via GD 935, both diesel and gasoline from 2013 will have a share of less than 6% biofuel. It was scheduled to provide, according to GD 935/2011 for a share of biofuel in gasoline of 8% in 2015 and up to 9% in 2017 and 10% in 2019.

At the end of 2012, however, the government postponed measures for 2013 of upping gasoline biofuel share of 5% to 6%, for 2014.
Another incentive will be given to oil companies to defer for three years, until 2019 instead of 2016 , the date by which providers must bring good quality gasoline to the market, with an oxygen content of not more than 27%m/m and a maximum ethanol content of 5% v/v, as Hotnews reported.

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