Interest for a nuclear cooperation MoU between Canada and Romania


Canada is a willing and active partner on the international stage and remains committed to working with like-minded countries such as Romania to transition to an inclusive net-zero future, said Shawn Tupper, Associate Deputy Minister of Natural Resources Canada, at the “Canada-Romania Partnership in Nuclear Technologies” conference, on March 3. “I am happy to note that our countries have started to express some interest in developing an Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on nuclear cooperation at the government to government level.

I think the MoU will underscore the importance of strategic partnerships between Canada and Romania, including on CANDU refurbishments and new build projects as well, as the interest in small modular reactors”, Shawn Tupper said.

A MoU is expected to establish that basis for the future joint work together of the two countries.

In his closing remarks after the “Canada-Romania Partnership in Nuclear Technologies” conference, Shawn Tupper also highlighted the history that Canada and Romania have in nuclear cooperation. “Our businesses work together, our businesses know how to collaborate, our businesses know how to make the right kinds of investments that secure that supply chain and create a value chain in our economies. That is just so critical to our way forward”, he said.

On April 5, Nuclearelectrica will ask its shareholders to approve the strategy for the continuation of the project of CNE Cernavodă units 3 and 4.

A draft intergovernmental agreement on cooperation to expand and modernize Romania’s nuclear power program has been signed between Romania and the USA, in October 2020. Areas for cooperation could include the completion of units 3 and 4 at the Cernavodă nuclear power plant and the refurbishment of unit 1 at the plant. The same month, France and Romania have signed a declaration of intent on cooperation in the civil nuclear field, which aims, among other things, to work “with strategic partners” to build units 3 and 4 of the Cernavodă nuclear power plant and to upgrade unit 1.


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