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INS: Natural gas prices have risen by 86.71% during last year

14 June 2022

Natural gas is among the most expensive commodities in the last year, according to data released on Friday by the National Institute of Statistics (INS).

Thus, between May 2021 and May 2022, natural gas prices increased by 86.71%, and large increases were recorded, in addition to natural gas, in fuels – by 38.48%, in thermal energy (+22.98%) and electricity (+18.46%).

At the same time, compared to the previous month, gas prices rose by 0.78% in May 2022, and electricity tariffs fell by 0.30%.

In services, the highest annual increases were recorded in air transport (+20.28%), postal (+16.54%) and water, sewerage and sanitation (18.67%). Compared to the previous month, air transport services rose by 3.03%, while “other services” fell by 0.09%.

Regarding the prices for electricity and natural gas, INS explains that “the provisions of GEO No. 27/2022 on the measures applicable to final customers in the energy and natural gas market between April 1, 2022-31 March 2023 were taken into account.”

The annual inflation rate rose to 14.5% in May 2022 from 13.76% in April, with food prices rising by 14.25% in the last year and non-food goods rising by 17.18%, and services with 7.47%, according to data published on Friday by INS.


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