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In 2024, OSCAR Downstream aims at the retail market with its first own petrol stations

23 January 2024

OSCAR Downstream will enter the retail market with its own service stations and the first stations will be operational by the end of 2024. Also this year, the company will strengthen its integrated logistics chain with a new greenfield investment in its storage capacity and increase its fleet to more than 100 tankers.

One of the top 5 players in the fuel distribution market, OSCAR Downstream has more than 5,000 clients in its portfolio from key industries such as transportation, construction, industry or agriculture. The company has one of the largest fuel storage capacities in the country, of 70,000 cubic meters, and its own transport fleet of over 80 tankers.

OSCAR Downstream, the largest independent fuel distribution company in Romania, obtained the Deloitte „Best Managed Companies” certification, an initiative of Deloitte Private, thus joining the Romanian champions that take entrepreneurial excellence to international standards.

Best Managed Companies is a Deloitte Private program, developed in partnership with Banca Transilvania, the Bucharest Stock Exchange and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). An independent jury awards the Best Managed Companies certification after a rigorous assessment process using an international methodology.

“It is an honor to be awarded this recognition, which confirms that OSCAR Downstream is a solid business and a reliable partner,” Nicolae Bănică, CEO, says. “From the very beginning, OSCAR Downstream has been a challenger on the Romanian fuel distribution market. For over 22 years, we have been successfully competing with multinational companies and making our mark on one of the most competitive and strategic markets in the world. This was possible due to OSCAR’s committed alignment to international best practices and through continuous improvement. There were many confirmations throughout this evaluation process, but we also identified some homework to do and implement in such an important year, as 2024 is.”

OSCAR Downstream is a company part of Alfa Group, a one hundred percent Romanian group. With a history of more than 22 years, OSCAR Downstream is the largest independent fuel distribution company in Romania, in the top 5 players, with a portfolio of over 5,000 clients from key industries such as transportation, construction, industry or agriculture, a vast portfolio of B2B services and products and a natural development towards B2C. Its gas station network counts more than 110 strategically distributed units nationwide: 30 B2B-dedicated stations under the OSCAR Drive brand, located along the main commercial roads, and over 80 franchise gas stations under the RO concept OSCAR brand for B2C customers, launched in 2017.

The company also implemented over 2,500 OSCAR – DIESELPoint in-house fuelling stations (a concept introduced for the first time on the Romanian market by OSCAR Downstream in 2004, which allows refueling directly at the customer’s location). OSCAR Downstream is the only fuel distribution company in Romania providing customers with maintenance and a dedicated service team for these in-house fuelling stations.

Its high-performing logistics infrastructure includes, as part of its own integrated logistics chain, a fleet of over 80 modern tankers (the largest owned tanker fleet on the Romanian market), as well as its own storage network for diesel and gasoline, with a capacity exceeding 70,000 cubic meters, in 7 fuel warehouses placed nationwide.

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