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Impact completes a PV park in the Greenfield Băneasa district

4 November 2023

The real estate developer Impact Developer & Contractor finalized a photovoltaic park consisting of 1,297 panels and with a total capacity of 700 kWp in the Greenfield Băneasa neighborhood, an investment of over 2.75 million euro.

According to a press release quoted by Agerpres, the photovoltaic park covers an area of 7,935 square meters and will provide 80% of the energy requirements for the Wellness Club by Greenfield, 90% of the energy requirements for the Impact office building and 30% of the energy requirements for buildings in the fourth phase of neighborhood development, including public lighting.

“We are happy to take another important step towards sustainability, one of the basic pillars of our company’s development strategy. (…) We believe that investing in renewable energy is the absolutely necessary step for a better future of the communities that we develop them and include such green solutions in all our projects,” said Constantin Sebeşanu, CEO of the company.

The photovoltaic park is to be connected to the grid by the end of the year and will annually produce approximately 785 MWh of renewable energy.

With 32 years of experience on the market, Impact Developer & Contractor is the first real estate developer listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange. The company’s shares are listed in the Premium category of the BSE.

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