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Hidroelectrica launches new tender to rehabilitate Vidraru hydroelectric plant

26 February 2024

Hidroelectrica has resumed the tender for the refurbishment of the Vidraru hydropower plant through the electronic public procurement system (SEAP). The estimated contract value for this project is €188 million, reflecting an update of costs to new market values.

The project “Refurbishment of AHE Vidraru” aims to carry out a complex set of works, including the assembly of mechanical and electrical equipment, integration of upgraded facilities, construction works for the replacement/rehabilitation of existing equipment, consolidation of hydro-technical constructions such as the dam, the pressure bypass, the power plant, the technical block, and the construction of a repository for waste and reusable materials. The project also includes the implementation of an automatic command and control system to coordinate the operation of equipment and facilities, technical condition assessment, design and engineering services for each technical unit, and project management activities to coordinate the entire refurbishment process.

The resumption of the tender for the Vidraru upgrade is based on the resolution of problems identified in the past procedures. Before relaunching the project, Hidroelectrica specialists held a series of consultations with potential contractors to identify both new ideas and the challenges or uncertainties they faced, both technically and financially. Thus, an extensive market research was carried out in order to obtain an accurate estimate of the value of the works in a period characterized by increased volatility, but also to align the contractual clauses with international practice, so as to ensure the prerequisites for the widest possible participation for both Romanian and international contractors.

“We know that this is an extremely complex project, with multiple variables and risks, but it is of utmost importance and priority for both Hidroelectrica and the national energy system. We are confident that these changes that the new team forming the board of directors is assuming will lead to the successful award of the contract and the effective implementation of the works” – said Karoly Borbely, CEO of Hidroelectrica.

Hidroelectrica reaffirms its commitment to the modernization and efficiency of its hydropower infrastructure, thus contributing to the sustainable development of the energy sector in Romania. Further details and information about the tender process can be obtained by accessing the SEAP platform.

Hidroelectrica is the largest green energy producer in Romania and provides essential technological services for the National Energy System. The company operates 187 power plants with a hydropower capacity of 6.3 GW and – in addition – owns a wind farm at Crucea with an installed capacity of 108 MW.

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