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CIS Gaz opens a branch in Egypt and delivers the first equipment manufactured in Romania, within the Hayah Karima project

27 February 2024
Gabriel Avăcăriței

CIS Gaz, a Romanian company with over 30 years of activity in the construction and installation of natural gas transport and distribution pipes, as well as surface technological installations, continues to expand and consolidate its presence in Egypt by opening a branch in Cairo and delivers the first equipment manufactured in Romania within the Hayah Karima project developed by the Egyptian government.

Hayah Karima is the Egyptian state’s largest national project through which more than 1,400 villages and small and medium towns will be connected to the natural gas network. Within this program, CIS Gaz, in consortium with Total Gaz, will deliver natural gas regulation and measurement stations manufactured in Romania. The equipment, consisting of 22 natural gas regulation and measurement stations, as well as the equipment needed to upgrade nine older stations, is due to arrive in Egypt by the end of March this year. The beneficiary of the project is the Egyptian natural gas holding company (EGAS).

“Our long-term strategy aims to ensure durable and sustainable growth based on a robust evolution, and Egypt is a continuously growing market with an accelerated development of natural gas infrastructure, like almost all countries in North Africa. The new branch will improve CIS Gaz’s ability to serve customers in the region, being a strategic step in the continuous growth and innovation of the company’s services and solutions beyond Romanian borders,” says Sebastian Calugar, CIS Group CEO.

The new CIS Gaz branch will be operational by the end of the first semester of this year and will benefit from infrastructure, technology, and specialized staff to ensure the implementation of complex projects, including those part of the cooperation between the Romanian company and Town Gas, the largest company of natural gas distribution in Egypt. Last fall, CIS Gaz signed a memorandum of cooperation with Town Gas, which materialized through the signing of the joint venture contract at the beginning of this year, through which the two companies will support mutually beneficial projects in the field of natural gas transportation and distribution in both markets.

In addition, during this period, CIS Gaz representatives participated in the Italy-Romania Economic Forum, which took place in Rome, and in the international EGYPES 2024 fair. Organized between 19-21 February 2024, EGYPES (Egypt Petroleum Show) is one of the most important regional events in the oil and natural gas industry. This is the second year when the company participates in the international fair with its own stand to present its services and products, aiming to identify and capitalize on new cooperation opportunities in the energy sector. This year, the Romanian companies that participated in EGYPES were CIS Gaz, Comes, Armax Gaz and Euro Gas Systems.

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