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Green energy still lures companies in Romania. By dozens.

9 July 2013
External events

Green energy continues to be an interesting field for capital placement, even though the total investments drawn so far reached 3 billion €. And the money will probably keep pouring, despite the bad news at the horizon. I am referring, of course, to the anti-dumping tax that EU imposed on the solar panels and auxiliary equipment imported from China, and to the Emergency Ordnance that radically changes the support scheme for renewable energy. Although it is possible to assist to a raising production costs per MWh, the experts say that Romania’s potential hasn’t been lowered because it’s still an emergent market.
As a proof of this statement is the fact that ROEnergy Exhibition brought dozens of companies from Romania and from abroad (i.e. France, Greece, Bulgaria, Spain, Hungary) to present a large range of new technologies, products and services. The goods presented, alongside with the interest for the other manifestations there (conferences, speeches, product-positioning) all testify for the local market’s good prospects.

Smaller prices for household consumers

Along with the industrial applications, households can also benefit from the use of these technologies. The electricity bill paid by this consumer type can drop rapidly due to micro units of power production.
In parallel, specialists, business men, authorities and professional associations debated in three days of conferences issues that are strongly connected to solar energy, bioenergy and micro-hydropower. ROEnergy Exhibitions tried to act as a platform for business, a platform that wants to connect and put together resources, technologies, capital and innovators. All in all, the event was an excellent opportunity to connect with others in search of new opportunities for business or for research.