Government has extended the period for the salary coverage of the miners from the Jiu Valley


The government has extended from 3 months to 4 months the period for which it covers the salary claims of the miners from the Jiu Valley, the Minister of Labor and Social Protection, Raluca Turcan, said on Wednesday, at the end of the Government meeting.

“Today, in the Government meeting, we extended the period for which we support the miners from the Jiu Valley. We recently had several discussions with the miners’ representatives and we decided to identify forms of support to help them overcome this difficult period. The newly introduced provisions bring clarifications regarding the calculation of the period for which the salary claims are incurred, thus extending this period from 3 months, as it is now, to 4 months and are taken into account including fractions of a month and not just whole calendar months, thus facilitating payment of salary claims in cases where salaries were paid in advance-liquidation system and in one month only the advance or liquidation was paid,” mentioned Raluca Turcan, on Facebook, according to Agerpres.

The Minister of Labor specified that so far the Government has paid salary claims and other outstanding rights amounting to approximately 43 million lei, for approximately 4,000 beneficiaries from the Jiu Valley.

“These changes will allow us to fully comply with the provisions of the agreement signed at the end of February with the representatives of the miners in the Jiu Valley and to supplement the support provided. So far all payment terms have been met as set, and some amounts have even been done in advance. Around 43 million lei have been paid in salary claims and other outstanding rights for approximately 4,000 beneficiaries,” said Raluca Turcan.


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