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Germany: Wind power production increased significantly in 2023

16 January 2024

The number of new wind turbines in Germany increased significantly in 2023, recording an advance of almost 50% compared to 2022, DPA reports.

In 2023, 745 new wind turbines will become operational, with a total production of approximately 3.57 gigawatts of electricity, the German Wind Energy Association and the Association of Electricity Production Systems VDMA announced on Tuesday. They expect that this year in Germany the production of wind energy will increase to more than four gigawatts (GW) and have asked the authorities to accelerate the expansion of wind energy, by quickly approving new wind projects and removing the obstacles that make it difficult to complete the projects, according to Agerpres.

Following the retirement of some older turbines, the net increase in wind power generation was about three gigawatts (GW) in 2023.

In total, there were 28,677 wind turbines at the end of last year, with a total capacity of about 61 gigawatts. They play a key role in the Government’s strategy to meet its climate objectives by switching to renewable energy sources.

Germany’s goal is for energy production from renewable sources to reach 80% of total electricity production by 2030.


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