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Gazprom cut gas supplies to OMV by 70%

12 July 2022

The Austrian energy group OMV announced on Monday that it receives from the Russian group Gazprom a quantity of natural gas about 70% lower than what it ordered, Reuters and AFP transmit.

“OMV has been informed by Gazprom about a decrease in the supply of natural gas, which today translates into a 70% decrease in volumes reaching the Baumgarten terminal”, one of the main gas hubs in Central Europe , the Austrian company said in a press release, according to Agerpres.

Austria is heavily dependent on Russia for its natural gas supply, from which it obtains about 80% of its gas needs. However, since mid-June, Russian gas supplies to Austria have been reduced to about half the agreed amount.

Whether the filling of gas deposits will continue, despite the reduction in deliveries, depends on daily consumption and additional purchases in the spot market, said OMV spokesman Andreas Rinofner. According to him, information on the quantities of gas actually delivered and the quantity stored is known only a day or two later.

OMV, the largest listed industrial company in Austria, holds 51.01% of the shares of OMV Petrom, the Romanian state, through the Ministry of Energy, holds 20.64%, Fondul Proprietatea – 18.99%, and 9.36% are freely traded at the Bucharest Stock Exchange.

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