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FP is about to exit from Transelectrica shareholding


Fondul Proprietatea (FP) would want to sell its 13.49% stake in Transelectrica and it selected Romanian brokers to seek buyers, most likely through a private placement as in the case of its exit from Transgaz shareholding, said sources in the power and capital markets to Bursa daily. Then FP sold the shares it owned in the gas transmission system operator for 68.2 million euros.

At the closing of the Monday trading session, a share of the operator of the electricity transmission system valued 18.26 RON. Transelectrica dividends related to profit made last year were 2,228 RON/share, 5.5 times greater than that allocated in 2013.

FP believes the financial performance from last year was achieved as a result of corporate government rules introduced in the state-owned company, giving the chance to a professional management to make decisions on sound economic and financial data.

After the dividends were offered, share prices in several consecutive trading sessions, a normal adjustment according to some brokers, the effect of the potential sale of a significant shareholder, say other brokers.

In March FP announced that analyzes the selling of a part of its stake in OMV Petrom, wanting to maintain securities representing less than 15%.

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