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Energy sector, most affected by cyber attacks in 2023, in Romania

24 November 2023

The energy, transport, government and public services sectors were the most affected by cyber attacks in Romania this year, with a share of 72% of all incidents, according to the data contained in the latest Business Internet Security 2023 report by Orange Business.

According to the analysis, published on Thursday, the energy sector recorded 31% of the total attacks, followed by transport, with over 22%, the government and public services sector (19%), retail (19.7%) and health (over 10% ).

“2023 was a year of ransomware, continuing the trend of previous years, which was manifested by an increased number of attacks that affected many companies and generated losses totaling tens of billions of dollars. The analyzed data showed that the attacks of type ransomware continues to spread both through classic vectors such as e-mails, social networks and downloading files from unsafe sources, as well as through new methods, such as attacks initiated from the browser,” write the authors of the report, according to Agerpres.

Thus, in a top of the most widespread types of attacks, ransomware ranks first, with over 34%, then phishing – with 31% for the third consecutive year, while in 3rd place were DDoS attacks, which accounted for 27% of all incidents.

From the point of view of distribution at the national level, most attacks targeted the Bucharest region, with almost 40% of the total threats, followed by the South-East region – with 27.13%, and the Banat region – with 16.27% . Specifically, the Capital is in first place, with an average of 980,000 attacks prevented every month. Constanța follows – with an average of 670,000 attacks per month, and Timisoara, with almost 340,000 threats detected and blocked per month.

The Business Internet Security 2023 report provides a detailed picture of the challenges in the field of cyber security in the last year in the context of technological revolutions such as generative AI. Now in its sixth edition, the new report provides experts in the field, as well as the business environment, with information about the most frequent cyber attacks encountered in the local market, predictions for 2024, as well as concrete solutions provided by Orange Business for the protection of companies and public administrations.

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