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Energy Investors Summit – Bucharest, June 3rd 2014

18 May 2014
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[one_half]Energy issues have been dominating Governments’ agenda for decades. The security of energy supplies and the competitiveness of the energy market make headlines and keep awake decision-makers, businesses and experts alike. More recently, the current geopolitical context dominated by the Ukraine-Russian crisis with all its implications, have added fuel to the challenges that the energy market has to cope with.

Both present and future developments make Romania’s role in the region even more important. Although it has the largest oil reserves in Central and Eastern Europe and it’s the region’s largest producer of natural gas, Romania has yet to fulfill its true potential to become a European energy hub. Even so, the future looks bright as it brings along fresh opportunities in the energy sector. The recent developments, the highly successful IPO of Romgaz, the fruitful listing of Nuclearelectrica as well as the upcoming listings on the Bucharest Stock Exchange of new key players, scheduled for 2014 and 2015, have grown expectations amongst international investors on Romania and the great prospects that its energy field has to offer.

EIS has been built as an interactive platform aiming to bring together strategic companies in the Romanian energy sector, government officials, top-notch experts, high-profile bankers, representative of investment banks and funds and international investors. We seek to identify avenues of cooperation in the energy field between key players, investors and decision makers.

Participation is free of charge. You may register at: [email protected]

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