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Enel Green Power takes over the 63 MW photovoltaic park in Călugăreni from Mytilineos

1 August 2023

Enel Green Power România, Enel Group’s renewable energy business line in Romania, has commissioned Lumina photovoltaic park in Călugăreni, Giurgiu County, and completed its takeover from Mytilineos. With an installed capacity of 63 MW, and an annual electricity production of approximately 99 GWh, the photovoltaic plant is the largest so far in the company’s photovoltaic portfolio.

The new park features the newest photovoltaic technology and produces green energy through approximately 120,000 bifacial monocrystalline panels, model JA Solar 540 and 535 W, with a life span of 30 years, which is injected into the national electricity distribution grid with the help of 248 inverters.

Lumina park covers an area of 88 hectares and has a linear length of almost 2 km. In this perimeter, 8 secondary substations equipped with weather stations for monitoring environmental parameters and the degree of dust laid on the panels were installed, as well as a dedicated primary substation with an installed capacity of 60 MVA, whose components are produced in Romania. More than 1,200 devices for monitoring the solar resources and which also help to increase efficiency in the use of solar energy are installed within the park.

The photovoltaic plant is connected to the high-voltage grid (110 kV) of the concessionaire distribution operator E-Distribuție Muntenia, and the estimated energy production will contribute to reducing CO2 emissions by 112,387 tons per year. The photovoltaic project also allows for the addition of energy storage capacities.

About 300 workers and specialists contributed to the construction of Lumina park. The infrastructure in the area allows the inhabitants of Călugăreni commune access to the connecting roads that transit the park.

Currently, Enel Green Power Romania has an operational green energy portfolio of approximately 600 MW, consisting of wind and photovoltaic projects. The company operates photovoltaic parks with a capacity of approximately 100 MW in Dolj, Giurgiu and Prahova counties, and is working on similar projects in various stages of development. Enel Green Power Romania has invested EUR 1.13 billion since its establishment in 2007. In 2022, Enel Green Power Romania produced 1.24 TWh of renewable energy.

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