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Electromontaj will build 69 kilometers of high voltage overhead network in Finland

3 August 2023

The Electromontaj Group announces the conclusion of a partnership with the Finnish national electricity transmission operator, Fingrid, for the construction of a new high-voltage line. The construction of the 400 kV + 100 kV overhead power line between Huittinen and Forssa (69 kilometers) is a project that starts in 2023 and will finish in 2025.

Electromontaj will prepare the land for construction, by demolishing constructions of any kind on the route that the new line will travel, including the relocation of an already existing line, 100 kV Kolsi-Fors. For the new line, 261 poles will be required for the 400 kV segment and 31 for the 110 kV segment, which will be produced in Electromontaj’s own production unit, the Galvanized Metal Pole Factory in Bucharest.

“Entering the Finnish market means for us a new validation of the quality of the execution of projects of this kind,” says Ionuț Tănăsoaica, General Manager of Electromontaj. The project in Finland adds to Electromontaj’s other ongoing international projects won through tenders, including projects for the reconstruction of high-voltage overhead lines in the Netherlands for the national electricity transmission operator Tennet or the modification of overhead power lines in Jordan, for the electricity transmission operator NepCo.

On a local level, Electromontaj has over 200 active projects for the realization of the infrastructure necessary for the transport of electricity both through high-voltage, overhead and underground lines, as well as electrical transformation stations, wind farms, urban traction projects, railway traction, re-engineering hydroelectric plants, but also electrical infrastructure for irrigation systems.


About Electromontaj

With over 2,000 employees, Electromontaj is a construction and assembly company, established in 1949, based in Romania, with projects all over the world, leader in the energy construction market in Romania. The Electromontaj group includes the companies Emfor, Iproeb, Electrotehnica and Hidroconstrucția, together with its own production units in Bucharest (Galvanized Metal Pole Factory) and Câmpina (Clamps and Armature Factory), as well as the Pole Testing Station, in Bucharest.

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