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E.ON: Only 23% of Romanians know that they can purchase heat pumps from their energy supplier

27 July 2023

Romanians are increasingly involved in identifying solutions to reduce home heating costs, but the overwhelming majority (8 out of 10) do not know that they can buy heat pumps directly from their energy supplier, reveals a study carried out by E.ON.

Heat pumps are a sustainable and efficient way to heat your home and produce domestic hot water, reducing your energy costs and carbon footprint. They extract thermal energy from the ground, water or air in winter and, with the help of a compressor, transfer heat to the indoor installation: radiators, flooring, etc. During hot periods, heat pumps can reverse the process and cool the home by installing fan coils or passive underfloor cooling. These equipments have low running costs and are more energy efficient than combustion systems. Thus, long-term energy savings are greater. Their lifespan is relatively long, over 25 years.

In Romania, due to lower costs, over 80% of heat pumps use air-water technology, being efficient at temperatures up to -20°C.

E.ON offers those who opt for the installation of a heat pump a “turnkey” solution. E.ON specialists provide advice, equipment delivery, system installation, commissioning and maintenance. The solution includes both main equipment and related equipment: buffer, boiler, sensor, controller, application access.

Another advantage is the flexible payment, in installments, with a 1, 3, 5 or 7-year contract and customized design: the company’s technicians configure the heating solution according to the specifics of the home, the geographical location, the way the customer wants to heat the building: through flooring, radiators or fan coil units.

An extended warranty for equipment and maintenance is provided throughout the contract period. Maintenance of the heat pump, annual visits to check the installation, service and replacement of defective equipment are provided.

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