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E.ON issues green bonds of 1.5 bln. euro, pre-financing for 2024

27 August 2023

E.ON was able to successfully issue two bond tranches with a combined volume of EUR 1.5 billion, supported by an order book of 4.3 billion euro: 750 million euro worth of green bonds with maturity in March 2029 and coupon of 3.75% and in the amount of 750 million euro with maturity in August 2023 and coupon of 4%.

“The high demand from investors once again underlines that we are on the right track with our strategy, which focuses on sustainability, digitization and growth. E.ON is determined to drive forward the energy transition in Europe. We want to invest a total of 33 billion euro in the energy transition by 2027. Green bonds are an important financial tool to do this and we will continue to use them for our financing in the future,” said CFO of E .ON, Marc Spieker.

The attractive market environment has enabled E.ON to significantly pre-finance funding needs for the upcoming financial year 2024, while funding needs for 2023 have already been successfully covered in January with a bond issue of 1.8 billion euro.

Proceeds from the green bonds will be used to finance and/or refinance eligible green projects as defined in the E.ON Green Bond Framework.

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