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E.ON: About 27% of gas-fired power plants in Romania are older than 10 years

7 April 2022

About 27% of gas-fired power plants in Romanian households are more than ten years old, according to the results of surveys conducted by E.ON last year. The company recommends replacing them with new, condensing, energy-efficient boilers that ensure cost savings and superior comfort. A condensing boiler can reduce gas consumption by up to 30%. About 34,000 new condensing plants have been installed through E.ON Life.

E.ON emphasizes that, in a context marked by high volatility in energy prices, the application of energy efficiency measures to reduce consumption, but without affecting comfort, with the aim of reducing the value of energy bills, must become a concern for all consumers.

Replacing old, low-efficiency, high-energy power plants with new, energy-efficient ones is one of the most affordable solutions. A condensing boiler offers a reduction in natural gas consumption of up to 30%, thanks to a 108% efficiency compared to conventional boilers.

The benefit for the consumer is to reduce the consumption of natural gas by up to approximately 3,600 kWh of natural gas per year, for an average annual consumption of about 12,000 kWh, thus resulting in a savings on the bill that can reach about 1,000 lei per year.

To facilitate the purchase of a new boiler, the company came to the aid of consumers with the E.ON Life solution, a complete heating solution with condensing boilers and technical services included. Customers are offered an advantageous payment system, in equal installments, without advance, directly on the consumer bill. The solution can be purchased for a period of 3, 5 or 7 years, offers an extended warranty for the duration of the contract and is available to both individuals and small businesses.

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