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E.ON: 28% of households’ gas centrals in Romania need to be replaced

23 July 2023

The largest household energy consumption comes from providing heating and preparing domestic hot water: more than two thirds of the energy in our homes is used for this purpose. Given that the old thermal central has a low efficiency, which leads to higher consumption, replacing it with a condensing plant is one of the most indicated measures to reduce heating costs, claim E.ON officials.

A nationally representative study carried out by E.ON last year confirms that Romanians are beginning to realize this, the interest in purchasing a new plant being relatively high. About 15% of the respondents who are gas users stated that they intend to buy a new thermal power plant this year.

At the same time, the study shows that 28% of the thermal plants in use are older than 10 years, so they consume more gas than new thermal plants, in condensation, but also more electricity for their actual operation.

The findings of the survey are confirmed by the results achieved by the heating solution E.ON Life, which recorded 34% higher sales between 2020 and 2022.

According to the same study, 80% of those who opted for the company’s efficient heating solution are satisfied with the decision made, firstly because of the high quality of the plant and, secondly, because of the low consumption and the savings they thus make on the gas bill.

According to the company’s calculations, the consumption of an old gas plant for heating and hot water is, on average, about 12,000 kWh per year, and the annual bill is 3,720 lei. A new condensing plant has an efficiency of 108%, which can bring a consumption saving of up to 30%, i.e. 3,600 kWh, so the annual saving would be over 1,000 lei.

In addition to the economy on the bill, the top reasons why Romanians decided to purchase the E.ON Life solution are: the possibility to pay in installments with zero advance, the periodic technical checks of the power plant included in the package, the possibility to benefit from urgent interventions and the extended guarantee of the power plant.

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