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E-Distribuție Muntenia invested over 4.7 mln. lei in upgrading the Glina substation

19 February 2023

E-Distribuție Muntenia, the electricity distribution operator in Bucharest and in Ilfov and Giurgiu counties, part of the Enel Group, has completed work to upgrade the Glina primary substation, Ilfov county, following an investment of over 4.7 million lei. The project aimed to increase the substation’s capacity by 30 MVA in order to meet the connection requests of both industrial and domestic consumers in the area.

The primary substation, for which the amplification works were carried out in 2021, is now equipped with two transformers with a total installed capacity of 80 MVA (2X40 MVA each), which replaced the old transformers of 25 MVA each, and supplies electricity to over 6,500 domestic and industrial customers.

The project also involved upgrading and adapting the primary and secondary circuit installations to the two new transformers. The medium-voltage (MV) busbar was also extended and four MV cells were installed. The power transformers use the latest technology in the field, so that they provide the necessary power to connect new users in a growing area, as well as reducing own technology consumption in the distribution network.

“Glina is a rapidly developing residential and industrial area, and this project allows us to respond promptly to requests for grid connection and increased power for the Glina Wastewater Treatment Plant. Increased capacity, grid expansion and grid digitisation are fundamental in the context of accelerated electrification of consumption and efforts to achieve decarbonisation targets. The project joins the other investments made in recent years to improve the quality of service by increasing the degree of continuity and reliability of electricity supply,” said Monica Hodor, General Director of E-Distribuție companies.

The Glina primary substation is equipped so as to ensure its integration into the remote transmission room (Telecontrol) system. This technology allows E-Distribuție Muntenia’s Operations Centre to monitor and manage the distribution grid quickly and efficiently through remote manoeuvring, so that, in the event of grid outages, affected customers can be re-supplied as quickly as possible, without the need for teams to go to field.

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