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Dozens of withdrawals from OPCOM markets

7 March 2019

In January, more than 35 companies withdrew or were revoked their right to operate on the centralized energy markets managed by OPCOM.

The trend continued in February, when Gazprom Marketing & Trading Limited, a member of Gazprom Export, based in London, was withdrawn from the OPCOM market.

In January, the number of companies withdrawn from centralized bilateral markets (CCBM) decreased by 27 and the one on the Universal Service Market (PCSU) with 5. Withdrawals took place from the day ahead market (DAM), but also from intraday, according to

Compared to July last year, when OPCOM announced participation records, now 13 participants from the DAM had disappeared, 9 participants from the intraday, and over 40 participants from the bilateral markets.


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