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Delgaz Grid modernizes new transformation stations in Vaslui, Iași and Botoșani

10 May 2022
Bogdan Lili

Contractors’ teams of the Delgaz Grid distribution company have started the implementation of the project for the modernization of the electricity distribution infrastructure in Stănilești and Murgeni stations, and next month they will start works in Huși and Fălciu stations, the company announced. At the same time, all stations were equipped with basic equipment (switches, separators, current and voltage transformers, equipment supports, 110 kV/ 20kV power transformers).

Two similar projects, which involve the modernization in order to take over the electricity produced from renewable resources of three substations in Iasi county and three substations in Suceava and Botosani counties are currently in various stages of implementation.

Vaslui’s substations will be modernized by replacing high and medium voltage equipment. Also, the necessary conditions will be created for the integration in SCADA (remote data control and acquisition) of the five transformer stations.

The main objective of the works is to increase the security of taking over the electricity produced from renewable resources, by reducing the number of interruptions, reducing the amount of undelivered electricity and reducing the maintenance costs of the distribution network.
At the same time, the quality of the distribution service will be improved for more than 40,000 customers who are fed from the stations included in the project.

Accessing European funding sources is a priority for Delgaz Grid, in order to achieve the objectives of modernizing and digitizing the electricity distribution infrastructure. At the moment, seven projects, worth about 187 million lei (about 37 million euros), with co-financing of 140 million lei, are in different stages of implementation.

Two other projects, aimed at modernizing the distribution network and installing 10,000 smart meters for consumers, are underway in the municipalities of Iasi and Suceava.

Also, two European-funded projects are being implemented, one of which aims at the digital skills of staff, and the other aims at cybersecurity objectives.

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