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Delgaz Grid developed an online platform dedicated to future prosumers

24 May 2023

Delgaz Grid takes a new step in the process of digitalizing services and makes available to future prosumers a dedicated platform, on the website, where they can simply and quickly submit the necessary documentation to connect to the network and obtain the status of electricity producer from renewable sources.

More and more Romanians are interested in becoming prosumers, producing the necessary energy with the help of photovoltaic panels. If in 2020, the number of prosumers connected to the Delgaz Grid distribution network was around 60, at the end of March last year it was almost 8,000, and for this year the company estimates that it will integrate around 12,000 new prosumers.

“We are supporting future prosumers with a new function on our website and we encourage them to use it, primarily because submitting documents online reduces their time spent on this process compared to traveling to our centers. The demand of a prosumer, which is essentially quite complex, becomes easy to complete through the new platform,” says Mihaela Cazacu, Deputy General Director of Delgaz Grid.

Customers will easily access the “Prosumers” menu, by creating an account on or by logging in to an existing account. After filling in the identification data, the customers will answer a few questions and, depending on the information coming from them, the platform will automatically generate the appropriate prosumer request form.

The prosumer applications have a friendly interface and have been structured in several chapters to be easy to follow and complete. For existing customers, contact details, place of consumption data and certain technical information are filled in automatically.

Customers can also submit the documentation to become prosumers at Delgaz Grid’s Public Relations Centers, the dedicated platform on the website being an alternative communication channel.

The online platform will be further developed with new functionalities, so that the customer experience in the process of connecting to the distribution network is as pleasant as possible.

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