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Confidence in the development of the small prosumer segment

23 December 2021

The equipment distributor Greensun East Europe, together with important partners such as Ener Rom Instal, All Development Services for Energy and Hoiura Electro Construct, installed photovoltaic projects of over 10 MW in 2021. The forecasts for 2022 are extremely optimistic, he told us Alberto Lupașcu, administrator of Greensun East Europe.


We have been noticing since January that the local market gives strong signals of interest to the photovoltaic industry. Are high electricity prices a new element of support or, on the contrary, do high bills cut the willingness to invest?

The significant increase in electricity prices has sounded a great alarm to all consumers, so they have begun to turn their attention to renewable energy sources. Therefore, high prices are one of the supporting elements of the industry. It also matters a lot such as reducing CO2 emissions, low maintenance costs of the installation, increasing the value of the building on which the photovoltaic installations are installed. All these are elements to consider because we are talking about long-term investments.


What are the advantages of Greensun in this developing market?

Greensun began its adventure in the field of renewable energy sources in 2008, as a B2B distributor specializing in providing solutions in the fields of energy saving, photovoltaic equipment, smart technologies, electronic mobility, air conditioning systems and heating systems.

In 2013, the team began working in the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean, which led to the creation of Greensun Caraibe, which has since become a benchmark in renewable energy for Central America.

The internationalization project also involved Eastern Europe and the countries bordering the Adriatic Sea, so in 2018 Greensun East Europe and Greensun Adria were born. Today, we are one of the main players in the European market, contributing to the spread of a philosophy of producing eco-sustainable energy. Greensun is active today with 2 strategically-chosen work points, one in Bucharest and another in Timișoara, thus managing to cover the requests of partners from all over Romania. Thus, we have, in stock, products from the world’s most famous manufacturers of photovoltaic equipment.

In order to meet the requests for technical, bureaucratic and design assistance of our customers, in 2018 we concluded an important partnership with All Development Services for Energy, a technical office that serves installation companies, retailers, other players in the local market, as well as renewable energy producers.

All Development Services for Energy offers business support and development services, focused on renewable energy: wind installations, micro-hydropower plants, solar installations on the ground and on the roof, cogeneration-biomass and biogas. The company is developing several PV projects with installed capacities between 7 and 25 MWp nationwide, and at the beginning of 2022 it will put into operation 3 new micro hydropower plants. More details can be found on the company’s website

An important element is the partnerships we have had for years with installation companies in the field. An example is Ener Rom Instal, which since 2000 designs and executes industrial electrical installations on medium and low voltage, designs and installs systems for generating electricity with photovoltaic panels, both located on the roof (roofs and terraces) and parks photovoltaic installed on the ground. One of the recently completed projects with an installed capacity of 1 MW was delivered to one the major players in the food industry. During the summer, the benficiary will be able to produce and thus save 50% of the necessary electricity. Details can be found on


We were talking at the beginning of the year about the direct compensation in the invoice of the production injected in the network. How close is this moment and remains just as important?

The topic is very important, especially since most EU Member States have already introduced quantitative production compensation for certain categories of producers / consumers. We hope that Romania will also align in this regard. This will make it even more attractive for prosumers to install renewable energy production solutions.


Which of the three main segments of the renewables market was more dynamic in 2021 (residential, commercial, utility)? What are the expectations for 2022?

Clearly, the most dynamic segments are the residential and commercial segments due to their flexibility in making strategic decisions, and another important contribution came from the implementation of state-launched programs.

For 2022, we look forward to the new legislative changes that are now being debated and we hope that the large consumers of electricity, in the utility segment, will turn their attention to renewable sources of electricity.

We and our partners are already working with large companies in the local industry and we are seeing an increase in interest in renewable energy, in line with European and national strategies. An example is Hoiura Electro Construct, a company founded in 2004, which recently expanded its production workshop to assemble a power line assembly, distribution and automation line. They have just completed the construction works for a photovoltaic power plant of over 500kWp located on a hall of over 1,000 square meters in Vâlcea County where it ensures the complete flow of design, assembly and installation of photovoltaic systems. Pictures of the works, but also other details are available on


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