SectorEquipment Provider
DefiningContractor for construction and installation works for power Transmission and Distribution projects.
Key People Gheorghe Sima - General Director
Based in Romania, having over 60 years experience, ELECTROMONTAJ takes pride in the execution and completion of various turn-key projects in Romania and abroad in the most difficult areas of the world: mountains, through the high sandy dunes or river and marsh crossings.
The excellent reputation of our company was achieved by continuously promoting the policy of satisfying the demands of our clients with the best practical solutions in a great variety of projects.
1 Candiano Popescu Street, Postal Code: 040581, Bucharest
Latest news
Electroplast SA is a private capital joint-stock company, established in 1993. In 2001, Electroplast became a Romanian – Italian joint venture, in association with Italian Cable Company SpA. It's offer include product range includes copper and aluminum electric cables, both rigid and flexible, armored and non-armored, screened, as well as ...
0 Electroprecizia SA
Electroprecizia SA provides its customers with products and services that contribute to the strengthening of company’s core values: • Quality products • Respect for customers • Tradition • Trust • Professionalism • Expertise of 77 years in the field of electrotechnics / electrical engineering • Care for the local community ...
0 Elmet Energie
ELMET Group carries out electrical work at any voltage and produces and sells electrical equipment and metallic enclosures. Their client portfolio as well as certifications accumulated throughout the 15 years of activity are evidence of the experience and high quality standards that add value to their products and services.
0 Elprom Trafo
ELPROM TRAFO has an experience for more than 3 decades in the mass production and delivery of high power transformers. With the development of the solar energy, the company also develops transformers for photovoltaic systems.
0 Elsaco Electronic
Elsaco Electronic successfully operats in the following areas: 1. Thermal power projects * Construction, rehabilitation or modernization of heat supply systems: sources of electricity in cogeneration, hot water / steam boilers, power and heating plants, pumping stations, transmission and distribution networks; * Construction of new plants for electricity and heat ...
0 Elvan Electric
The manufacturing program is being continuously updated and completed. Today it includes the following ranges of products: -photovoltaic mounting systems; -cable trays and fittings; -cable ladders and fittings; -marine type-cable trays; -supports and accessories for cable trays; -metal framing systems; -pipe clamps and supports. ELVAN SA is certified by TUV ...
0 Emka Beschlagteile
Wide range of products: latches, latching systems, compression latches, locks, swinghandles, machine handles, hinges, stainless steel hardware, gasket and edge protecting profiles, aluminium windows and doors, locking-cylinders, innerdoror-oper, luggage loops. ELM Security systems: integrated control system for server racks or cabinet monitoring (access, air conditioning, trouble, theft), network integration, plug-and-play ...
0 Emsil Techtrans
General Strategy and Goals: Offer the commercial scope of products worldwide; Inventory of mastery of the group of companies; Benefits of a group strategy; Selection of commercial and technical goals; Implementation of western style management; Management training; Employees and collaborators training; Real policy of subcontracting in the industrial strategy; General; ...
0 Enel Distribuție Banat
Enel Distribution Banat is responsible for managing and upgrading the electricity networks in Banat, with the main objective to improve the quality distribution service. Enel distributed in 2012 - in Banat, Dobrogea and Muntenia - 14.6 TWh electricity.