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Colterm is still looking for suppliers, the situation in Timisoara remains unsolved

28 October 2021
District Heating

Although, initially, the heating company in Timișoara had managed to convince, with the help of the Ministry of Energy, a large supplier to deliver gas, the latter changed its mind, and now solutions are being sought from other suppliers, says the mayor of Timișoara, Dominic Fritz.

“Last night at 6 pm I was informed by phone by the gas supplier with whom I had reached, with the support of the Minister of Energy, to an agreement for a temporary contract, that it no longer wants to sign this contract. This was after the temporary solution was agreed at around 12.30 and I had established that we could communicate it publicly. We immediately contacted another supplier with the insistent request to take over the gas supply since last night, so that the people of Timisoara would not endure another cold night and so that we could keep our word as agreed and to the announced deadline. 6 hours followed in which every effort was made to go through all the legal steps for reconnection, but after midnight I was informed by the provider that unfortunately only today will be able to complete the procedure. The mayor’s office transferred 5 million lei to Colterm’s account and we are waiting to buy gas with advance payment,” announced, on Thursday morning, the mayor Dominic Fritz, quoted by Tion.

“I know that the situation is dramatic, frustrating and horrifying for all those affected and there are no words to change that. I am very sorry for all those who suffer at home and in hospitals. However, I assure you that we are trying by all possible and impossible means to restore normalcy and security in this crisis. I once again call on suppliers to show availability and humanity to supply Timisoara with gas,” the mayor added, on Thursday morning.

According to Tion sources, another supplier has agreed to deliver gas to Colterm, and the contract is to be signed in the next few hours. Approximately 56,000 homes in Timisoara are without a heating agent since Tuesday evening, after the city’s district heating company was unable to supply heat and hot water.

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