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CNR-CME: Energy Supplying For Great Urban Communities

18 September 2013
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[one_half]More than 10 million Romanians live in urban areas. A handful of cities gather in rather restricted areas a considerable number of people. Energy Supplying for the residents of large urban areas is becoming increasingly difficult, as their consumption behavior is harder to predict. Chaotic development of big cities already led to difficulties in the supply of electricity for the new districts. And so did the lack of investment in transport infrastructure and distribution which created delays in the development of peripheral areas of the cities.

In addition, the dream of energy independence questions not only the future incomes of the electricity, gas and heat providers, but also the business model of these great companies.

CNR-CME, altogether with Electrica SA and ISPE organize a conference on October 3, where renowned speakers will mark the present challenges for Romania, as well as the future one.

Starting from 10.00:

PhD. Eng. Marian Cernat – Director ANRE
PhD. Eng. Ștefan Cetacli – Executive Manager ELCEN Bucureşti
Gilles Humbert – Executive Manager Dalkia România
PhD. Eng. Mihail Coteanu – Manager, Energetic Systems Division, ISPE SA
PhD. Eng. Mihai Cernei – Manager, Termocom Moldova
Prof. Vladimir Berzan – Manager, Energetics Institute, Academy of Sciences of Moldova
Prof. Nicolae Mogoreanu – president, Association of Energy Consumers in Moldova
Prof. Ioan Stratan – Dean, Faculty of Energetics, Technical University of Moldova
PhD. Eng. Sergiu Ciobanu – General Manager ANRE, Republic of Moldova
Camelia Raţă – Executive Manager, OER, “Cities, Energy, Romania” Association


1. Energy Supplying For Great Urban Agglomerations
2. Energy Distributing In Urban Areas
3. Modern Solutions for Urban Transportation
4. Using Modern Methods to Assess the Energy Needs (Smart Metering)
5. Smart grid for Urban Energetics

The debate will be moderated by:

PhD. Eng. Ioan Roşca – General Manager ELECTRICA SA
PhD. Eng. Mihai Cernei – General Manager TERMOCOM MOLDOVA
Prof. PhD. Eng. Aureliu Leca – CEO Romanian Association for Energy Efficiency ARPEE
PhD. Eng. Radu Gheorghe – Director, Business Development Division, ROMGAZ SA

OER, “Cities, Energy, Romania” Association
ELCEN Bucureşti
Dalkia Romania
Romgaz SA
Termocom Moldova
Transelectrica SA
Transgaz SA



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