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CIGRE Romanian National Committee organizes the International Conference Condition Monitoring, Diagnosis And Maintenance (CMDM 2023)

30 October 2023

The Romanian National Committee of CIGRE, as organizer, together with CNTEE Transelectrica SA, as co-organizer, announces the 7th edition of the International Conference Condition Monitoring, Diagnosis And Maintenance (CMDM 2023). The event will take place from 31 October to 02 November at the Radisson Blu Hotel Bucharest, with the support of CIGRE Paris.

The event will start on Tuesday 31 October at 10:00 with a panel of representatives from key institutions, associations and companies in the Romanian energy sector. Thus, at the opening of the conference, we will be joined by:

  • Sebastian Burduja, Minister of Energy
  • Ciprian Diaconu, President of the Romanian National Committee of CIGRE
  • Ștefăniță Munteanu, Chairman of Transelectrica’s Board of Directors
  • Cristian Secoșan, Managing Director Delgaz Grid

The event will also be attended by more than 20 partner companies and exhibitors, hundreds of representatives from over 20 countries, both from business, academia and law. During the 3 days of the conference, there will be: tutorials by international technical experts; presentations of scientific work by researchers, practitioners and students; exhibitions by leading companies showcasing their state-of-the-art equipment and solutions to the current challenges facing power systems; networking sessions.

The main themes to be addressed at the WCDM 2023 conference will be:

  • Smart Grids
  • Digital stations
  • Technical condition monitoring and diagnostics for electrical equipment and high voltage power lines
  • Technical condition monitoring and diagnosis of power plants
  • Damage caused by electrical, mechanical, chemical and thermal phenomena
  • Degradation analysis of electrical equipment
  • Modern technologies for maintenance
  • Advanced detection techniques for condition monitoring and diagnostics
  • Artificial intelligence applications for data mining and technical condition analysis
  • Asset management tools for electrical equipment
  • Distributed and renewable sources

Last but not least, because we are counting on the innovative vision, confidence and determination of young energy professionals, on Wednesday, November 1st, at 15:30, there will be a round table organised by CIGRE Next Generation Network Romania, the youth branch of CIGRE Romanian National Committee. During this event, young professionals from different companies and associations in the energy sector will debate the topic “Next generation’s vision for the future of energy systems”. The round table will be joined by:

  • Bogdan Leu – President, CIGRE Next Generation Network Romania
  • Anamaria Iamandi – DEN Specialist, Transelectrica
  • Cătălin Atodiresei – Design Engineer, Delgaz Grid
  • Andrei Tudose – Assistant Professor, Faculty of Energetics, UNSTPB
  • Andreea Vlaicu – Executive Director, Association of Energy and Electrical Engineers

At the same time, Wednesday will be complemented by the session organised by the Women in Energy Forum of CIGRE Romania, which will take place from 17:00.

The CMDM 2023 International Conference is a biennial event of great significance for the power sector worldwide, being the only CIGRE technical conference addressing the topic of technical condition monitoring and diagnostics of electrical equipment. We encourage you to register for this event and take advantage of the technical expertise of the participants and the presence of leading companies in the Romanian and global power sector.

For more information and to register, go to:

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