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BSOG successfully completes first planned overhaul of MGD Project facilities

30 October 2023
General Interest

Black Sea Oil & Gas SA (BSOG) together with its partners in the Midia Natural Gas Development Project (MGD), Petro Ventures Resources and Gas Plus Dacia, announces the successful completion of the first planned overhaul of the MGD Project’s industrial facilities. Gas production from the Ana and Doina deposits resumed on October 26, 2023.

After 16 months of exceptional production in which we fulfilled 100% of our gas delivery commitment to our buyer (with very low associated CO2 emissions of 0.8 kg/boe), the facilities of the MGD Project, the Treatment Plant of Gas (STG) on land and the Ana production platform located 110 km offshore, underwent three days of technical inspections and maintenance of major equipment to ensure that we will maintain the same gas delivery result in the new year gas, until the next revision, in 12 months.

At the same time, a series of changes were made in different locations in STG to improve the performance and safety of the production facilities of the MGD Project.

The review took place in the last week of October, during which gas production from the Ana and Doina fields was stopped. BSOG has mobilized all available resources at the treatment plant near Vadu (approximately 150 people/day in a 24-hour working regime) and offshore at the Ana production platform (25 people), for the efficient and safe development of revision works.

BSOG CEO, Mark Beacom: “Congratulations to all the staff involved for an efficient overhaul achieved with maintaining the record of zero accidents in the MGD project from the very first day of its construction.”

The MGD project is the first natural gas development project in the Romanian continental shelf of the Black Sea built in the last 30 years. Current production is just over 1 billion cubic meters of gas per year, representing 12% of Romania’s natural gas demand.

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