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Chimcomplex will increase employees’ salaries by 24.5%


Chimcomplex, the largest chemical plant manufacturer of polyols in Eastern Europe, announces a significant increase in the salaries of its employees starting with June 2022.

The company approved the largest salary increase so far, so that the average gross monthly income (with meal vouchers included) increases from 5,750 to 7,150 lei, that is, by 24.5%.

If the incomes of managers and the first 30 specialists are included in this average, then the average salary per company increases from 7,200 to 8,980 lei.

In 2021, extra to the net additional bonus of 3,000 lei received by each employee, was granted cumulated salary increases of 5.5%, and starting with June 2022, an increase of 13% will be applied, i.e. by 700 lei. This is at a time when private employers maintain their budgets of salary increases of 5 to 7% for 2022, and the largest salary increases in the oil, chemistry and energy industries do not exceed 10%. In the first quarter of 2022, the company also granted indexations of 2% which ultimately leads to real growth of 15%.

Revenue growth is also considered in 2023, so starting with the 2nd semester, a minimum of 50% of the inflation rate will be added quarterly or indexed by 100% of the inflation rate if the company’s performance indicators are reached.

“Through the financial proposal we have agreed, we aim to increase the company’s performance by increasing and encouraging the performance of each employee. We trust the great capacity of this company and its approximately 2500 talents and we want to carry out together large-scale projects that will bring us personal and professional satisfaction. I thank my colleagues from Chimcomplex for everything they do in the company,”  said Ștefan Vuza, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Chimcomplex.

“If the company achieves the same performances as in 2021 and in the years to come, the management will again award the employees with bonuses above those provided in the CLA, as it happened in 2021,”  added Stefan Vuza.

In the new CLA, Chimcomplex opted for bonuses, benefits and cumulative bonuses worth 4,220 lei/year/employee.

They will receive a cumulative value of 2,000 lei: holiday vouchers and benefits, at their choice, through the social-cultural actions fund (having the choice to opt for medical insurance, transport expenses, etc.)

Annually, each employee is granted net premiums/gifts totaling 2,220 lei on the occasion of holidays and various events in the organization. 

Also, the company continues to give cash gifts for special events, such as March 8 or June 1, when each employee with children up to 18 years old is given a cash gift worth 150 lei.

At the same time, the company approved in advance the value increase by 50% of the meal vouchers from 20 to 30 lei/day. Chimcomplex awaits the adoption, starting on June 1, 2022, of the draft law for increasing the value of meal vouchers to 30 lei. Now, the total monthly value of the meal vouchers granted monthly (for 21 working days) is 420 lei. If it is increased to 30 lei, the monthly value would be 630 lei/employee.

In addition, increases in the amounts granted to employees to support social expenses have also been envisaged, and the number of days of leave to be granted will be increasing, up to a maximum of 25 days per year.

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