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Chimcomplex invests in a new project to expand energy capacity

26 February 2024

Chimcomplex announces the start of a project to expand energy capacities at the A6 Dej platform, through an extensive modernization process, which will strengthen the company’s position in the energy market.

”The Masterplan of Chimcomplex’s Energy Division includes investments that will generate sufficient energy to ensure the energy security of the Group, as well as the communities we are part of. At the end of 2023, we commissioned the largest cogeneration plant built in Romania in the last 11 years, with a capacity of 49.6 MWh, and the first trigeneration plant built in Europe.

”The modernization of the Dej plant, which currently operates on biomass, will generate up to 80MW of electric and thermal energy, which will be used in a new chemical processing factory. This investment, planned to be completed as soon as possible, is part of our strategy of sustainable and progressive evolution. Processing energy and ‘elevating’ it by using it to create goods and merchandise should be the direction to follow at the national level,” said Florian Staicu, Chairman of the A6 Board of Directors.

Chimcomplex is the main manufacturer and supplier of vital chemicals in the region, specializing in polyols, chlor alkali and oxo-alcohols. It is a strategic company for the Romanian economy, the largest chemical plant, with 2 industrial platforms in Onești and Râmnicu Vâlcea. Chimcomplex is a company with a tradition of 70 years, which develops quality products for a better life and a sustainable future. In 2022 Chimcomplex registered a turnover of 2,259 million lei.

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