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Changing the way heat is distributed reduces consumption by 40.9%.

30 March 2024

Changing the way thermal energy is distributed in blocks of flats from vertical to horizontal can reduce thermal energy consumption by 40.9%, said Liviu Popa, general manager of Termoficare Constanta.

“Termoficare Constanta is calling for individual metering, changing the current distribution from vertical to horizontal”, Popa said, at the conference “Digitalization and Energy Efficiency – Constanța”.

This system generates a number of advantages for customers, such as the possibility to manage their consumption in the apartment and therefore their heating costs, independence from other neighbours and lower cold water consumption.

Also, horizontal distribution with individual metering ensures the correct distribution of heating costs in blocks of flats.


In 1990, about 15% of the thermal energy produced in CET Palas Constanta was destined for the population, the rest supplied local industry. Of the total energy supplied in the municipality today, about 75% is destined for the population and 25% for economic agents and institutions.

Currently, the beneficiaries of the municipal heating system are about 130-150,000 citizens, companies and public institutions.

The conference “Digitalization and Energy Efficiency – Constanța” was organized by Energynomics, with the support of our partners: ADC, Elektra Renewable Support, FPPG, WALDEVAR Energy.

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